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Immigration Reforms March To DC

Crowd started to gather in front of the Capitol building at the beginning of the Immigration Reform March in Washington DC. Demonstrators traveled for hours from all over the country to attend.

Tens of thousands rallied outside of the Capitol building to show their support for immigration reform. Advocates hope to see the Senate pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill that could include pathways to citizenship for 11 million undocumented workers.

Unsurprisingly, many are the children of immigrants and have family members who will be greatly affected by any decisions being made by politicians in Washington DC on those reforms.

While it seems a decision on the immigration reform bill may not happen until after the next recess, most of the attendees seemed optimistic and felt that there was a sense of inevitability to the reforms.

Local 2179 members from various shops participated in the march expressing their support for those reforms. Because they believe, without those reforms, the lives of many immigrants are greatly affected and the current laws will eventually destroy the very fabric of their family lives, something that violates the very essence of our democratic values that we have fought for a lifetime to preserve.
Local 2179 members from Strand Books attending the Immigration Reform March in Washington DC.

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