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Fighting for good wages and better benefits are just a few among the many gains you can enjoy as a member of Local 2179. And those gains will continue to improve as Local 2179 is continuously hard at work to make certain that, you not only can enjoy those benefits but that more come your way by negotiating contracts that are fair and always favorable to you, its members. Read more ›››

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The Health & Welfare Plan is one of the many benefits that our membership enjoys. Other workers that work in other places not represented by a union may not be 0o privileged. We all know the cost of paying hospital bill can be a heavy and unaffordable burden and the impact it can have on us financially should we fall sick some day and do not have Health Insurance Coverage. Read more ›››

The UAW Local 2179 Pension Plan is a 401K profit sharing plan. There are two parts of this Plan... Read more ›››

If you suffer from an accidental, injury or illness due to your job, you are eligible for compensation awards as well as medical care - all paid by your employer's insurance company.

These work-related injuries are covered by the Worker's Compensation Laws of the State of New York. As a member of Local 2179, you will benefit from the services of our attorneys to guide you through this cumbersome process. Read more ›››

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