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UAW Local 2179 was founded on September 15, 1992, when District 65 splits into several NYC Union earlier of the same year. Read more › › ›

Local 2179 is helping members and their families enjoy better lives and better futures by raising living standards, improving working conditions, and fighting injustice on the job and in the community. Read more ›››

  1. For Checks & Balances In Today's Workplace
  2. As A Force For Social Justice In America
  3. To Reduce The Gap Between Rich And Poor
  4. To Make OSHA and other Regulators Do Their Job
  5. To Stand For American Jobs
  6. To Serve As A Bulwark Of Democracy
  7. To Push For The High Wage & Skills Solution
  8. To Stabilize The U.S. Economy
  9. To Protect Workers From Shenanigans
  10. To Protect The Rights Of Individual Workers
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Although there may be some similarities in previous cases that a steward can draw examples from to better handle a current situations, always keep in mind that no two cases are ever exactly the same. However, it is very important for a steward to understand the importance of maintaining certain composures in handling those situations. These are some important guidelines to help make the task easier to handle and to make your approach more professional in your mission. Read more ›››

Who is the most important person in the Union? Read more ›››

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