UAW Local 2179

The Benefits Of Being A Member Of Local 2179

Job Security: local 2179 protects members from unjustified layoffs and unfair actions by employers

Wages & Differentials: Local 2179 members enjoy good wages, regular pay increases, sick leave, paid holidays and vacations, and guaranteed wage differentials for working later shifts.

Health Benefits: The Local 2179 Health Plan pays all doctor, hospital and surgical bills for you and your spouse if you are married or your family (if you do have family coverage). The Health Plan also covers prescription drugs, eyeglasses, and maternity, disability, accident and life insurance.

Dental: Local 2179 members and their families receive full dental coverage.

Hiring Hall: The Local 2179 Hiring Hall works hard to ensure that union members who are laid off find new employment and receive full unemployment compensation. The hiring Hall will make sure that any laid-off member gets a paycheck at the end of the week.

Credit Union: Any Local 2179 member may join the Local’s Credit Union, which provides reasonable rates on mortgage, car, and personal loans. Through the Credit Union, Local 2179 members can accumulate savings and build economic security for themselves and their families

Education Center: Local 2179 Provides free classes to all members and their families.

Courses includes: Introduction to Computers, Word Processing, English Language, High School Equivalency (GED), College Preparation, Writing Skills, and more...

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