The Mission Of Local 2179

Who we represent
Local 2179 of the United Auto Workers represents workers in a wide range of industries throughout New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut, including: direct mail, garment and textiles, warehouse, retail, movie theaters, air cargo, and office and professional work.

Our Goal
Local 2179 is helping members and their families enjoy better lives and better futures by raising living standards, improving working conditions, and fighting injustice on the job and in the community.

Local 2179 prides itself on its democratic tradition and its commitment to the well-being of members and their families

The UAW and Local 2179 have a long tradition of fighting for the rights of all working people and working to secure jobs that provide good wages and benefits, stronger job security, and safety and health protections.

As a member of UAW Local 2179, you ha a real voice on the job and the ability to work with dignity and respect.

Making a Stronger Union
Becoming a member of the Local 2179 is the first step in securing a more prosperous and secure future for you and your family.

As we seek to build a stronger union, it is important that all members play a part and become active in achieving unity in the workplace. When we negotiate contracts with employers, our strength and ability depend directly on the commitment and support of you and your union brothers and sisters.

As a member of Local 2179, you are one of our union’s best resources for organizing new members and letting other workers know how a union can improve their lives.

We encourage all members of Local 2179 to attend regular union meetings. Local 2179 promotes open and democratic debate and values the input and opinion of all its members.

Local 2179 staff and officers are here to serve our members. We encourage you to talk to your shop stewards or call our office if you have any questions or concerns about your rights and benefits as a member of Local 2179.