Local 2179 Begins

UAW Local 2179, originally part of District 65, was founded on September 15, 1992, when District 65 splits into several NYC Union earlier of the same year.

District 65 started in the 1930's on the lower eastside of Manhattan with 15 members, originally working in the dry food, hardware and toy industries. By 1992, it had grown to more than 55,000 members from a broader range of industries.

The First President of Local2179 was Ralph Pileggi, followed by Horrace Anderson as the second president. In 1998 Pablo Valcarcel was elected as the third president of Local 2179 until February 2014. Vilma Torres-Mulholland is currently the president of Local 2179.

Local 2179 Today!

Today, with labor organizations consistently under attack, Local 2179 still stands its ground and dedication, representing nearly 1,000 workers and their families in about 27 shops in New York and New Jersey, in the face of those attacks and the most difficult surviving moment in the history of labor.

Who Does Local 2179 Represent?

today Local 2179 represents a whole variety of industries such as Apparel, Art Supply, Buttons, Chemicals, Direct Mail, Display, Dry Goods, Entertainment, Garment, Guide Dog Foundation, Hardware, Millinery, Paint, Retail, Shoes, Technical & Professional Textiles, Toys & Gifts, and Warehouse.