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UAW Region 9A Veterans Council 2013 Dinner Dance

UAW Region 9A Veterans Council 2013 Dinner Dance

The UAW Region 9A Veterans Council 2013 Dinner Dance held on Friday, November 15, 2013, was once again a great success. There were well over a hundred in attendance celebrating, and proudly showing their appreciation for the many great achievements of the Veterans Council over the years and providing strong support for their continued efforts.

The evening started with casual conversations and an open cash bar that was available throughout the evening to keep the attendees in a festive mood. It was followed by the salutation rituals and an explantion of the POW-MIA table ceremonies once everyone is seated, then dinner with the presentation of special guests and the awards.

Among the highlights of the evening were guest speakers Joe Courtney, a U.S. Representative of the Connecticut 2nd Congressional District, and William Nazario, the Commander of The Military Order of The Purple Heart, both introduced by Julie Kushner, Director of the UAW Region 9A

Awards were presented to three Korean Veterans, Juan O'Neil from the retiree group of Local 664, by Pat Mulholland, to Howard Prescott, a Retiree of Local 168, by Brad Haag, and to Mike Niemczyk also a Retiree from Local 168, by Paul Tubito.

The evening continued on the dance floor where many showed their skills to the many hot tunes played, to close up the night with the traditional raffle drawing with many great prizes.

Many great pictures were taken to commemorate the evening into a long lasting memory. Remember to join the next year traditional celebration of the UAW Region 9A Veterans Council Dinner Dance.

  • About The Veterans Council

    In 1944 at the UAW 9th Constitutional Convention by action of the delegates the UAW Veterans Department was created. Since then, our Union has continually reaffirmed its commitment to veterans, through passage of pro-veterans resolutions and the creation of Standing Veterans Committees in the Local Unions. In 1994, the National UAW Veterans Advisory Committee was created and in 1995 the first UAW National Veterans Conference was held.

    The UAW deeply appreciates the great service offered to our nation by our members who are veterans of the United States Armed Forces and to those in active duty who are still serving our country, protecting our freedom and keeping us safe at every cost.

    Also, the UAW is the first organization other than the VFW since 1966 to finance and build a $300,000.00 new home, located at VFW Home for Children in Eaton Rapids, MI.

    This home was built entirely by union labor and funded by donations from UAW members across the country. The home is currently maintained with your generous donations.

  • Your Donations At Work!
    Throughout the year the proceeds from last year's Dinner Dance were used as follows:

    • Financial contribution to the Rocky Hill, VA Stand Down in Hartford, CT. This year onver 1,500 veterans were helped at the Stand Down.

    • Financial Contribution to the VA Hospital in San Juan, PR.

    • Clothing donation to the James J. Peters VA hosiptal i the Bronx, NY.

    • Donation to the Making Strides for Breast Cancer, Rhode Island.

    • Financial, non-perishable foood and clothing donations to the FDR Montrose VA Hospital in Westchester, NY.

    • Financial contribution to the IOWA JIMA Memorial.

    • The Veterans Memorial at the Region 9A office in Farmington, CT is maintained by our Veterans.

  • The POW-MIA Table Ceremony

    The table before you is a place of honor. This table symbolizes those who are missing from our midst. They are commonly called POWs or MIAs.

    This table set for one is small and symbolizes the frailty of one prisoner alone against his oppressors.

    • The Tablecloth is white and symbolizes the purity of their intentions to respond ot their country's call to arms.

    • The Single Red Rose displayed in a vase reminds us of the familyies and loved ones of our comrades-in-arms who keep the faith awaiting their return.

    • The Red Ribbon tied so prominently on the vase is reminiscent of the red ribbon worn upon the lapel and breasts of thousands who bear witness to their unyielding determination to demand a proper accounting of our missing.

    • The Candle is lit and symbolizes the upward reach of teir unconquerable spirit.

    • A Slice of Lemon is on the bread plate to remind us of their bitter fate.

    • There is Salt upon the bread plate and is symbolic of the families tears as they wait.

    • The Glass is inverted as they cannot toast with us tonight.

    • The Chair is empty. They are not there.

    • They are unable to be with us this evening and so until the day they come home, We will Remember!


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